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Our Services

Land Assembly

We search for developable land and often discover unzoned portions.
as property experts we determine the potential of the land, using our skill and experience to identify what development rights would be best suited to it.

We rezone and complete all other applications necessary to obtain development rights on the property


we assemble the appropriate professional team for the development and oversee all aspects of it: design, engineering (structural and civil), electrical, costing, and feasibilities. We work with the relevant development team to ensure the concept is planned from start and driven through the municipal approval phase and to a feasible and profitable end product.


Experienced and successful in selling residential property off-plan, we have a dedicated team who specialize in selling off-plan properties, and have the added advantage of a thorough understanding of development bond requirements. So we oversee sales from signature of agreement to complete finance approval. We believe in selling a project from the first unit right through to the last.

We market our developments through all tried and tested media avenues, ensuring that we reach our entire target market effectively and in a short space of time.

Development Management

On some projects, a development manager is necessary to oversee all role-players in a development, from the professional team to the marketing agents to the accounting function to reporting back to the shareholders. This ensures a smoothly run operation. Due to our many years of development experience, we can efficiently perform this function.

Project Investment

We produce projects that will satisfy both the end-user and the shareholders, and there is no better way to prove this than investing into the projects, proving that we have their best interests at heart.

Broker Deals

We have past experience brokering deals to develop residential and commercial properties to third parties willing to take on the project or property. We have therefore set up a small division that uses our many contacts and experience and focuses on brokering deals between landlords or sellers and tenants or purchasers.

Some of our clients include:

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