About Us
HB Realty, a brand for discerning property investors, was founded by Anton Hartmann and Tyron Baird who have over 3 decades of experience in property development. Their extensive industry knowledge led them to launch an innovative property development company that offers world-class investment opportunities.

Using their skills and experience, HB Realty identifies land and determines its ideal development potential. They assemble the appropriate professional development team to oversee their concept from start to finish, ensuring their clientele is always investing in high-end, modern and secure developments that meet HB Realty standards.

To date, HB Realty has been involved with the development of over 17000 homes & 91 developments completed.

HB Realty partners with various shareholders and development companies to produce the best quality developments. Along with their development packaging services, they also have a skilled and experienced marketing team that use all proven mediums to market developments effectively, reaching the ideal target audience.

Our Services
HB Realty uses their decades of skills and experience to search for developable land and identify the development rights that would add the most value to the property.

Strict land identification and evaluation processes are followed to ensure that the development meets all town planning requirements and is ideal for the homes or commercial uses that HB Realty believes in developing.

HB Realty’s development team rezones and completes all applications necessary to obtain development rights on a property.

Planning and developing a property requires a team of experts with very specific skill sets.

HB Realty works with various property development professionals who can oversee everything from design and engineering (structural, civil and elctrical) to costing and feasibilities.

HB Realty ensures the development concept is accurately planned from the start, driven through the municipal approval phase and ends with a feasible and profitable product.

HB Realty is passionate about being involved with the sales process from the first home, right through to the last.

Our dedicated marketing team specialises in selling off-plan properties and has experience with proven mediums that speak to specific target audiences. We also have a thorough understanding of the property sector, including areas such as bond requirements, allowing us to thoroughly market and sell each new development.

As development projects are so intricate, HB Realty works with a number of skilled development managers that are used to oversee specific projects.

Our development managers over-see all projects and manage key role-players such as the professional team, accounts department and marketing agents to ensure each operation runs smoothly. A key responsibility is to report back to development shareholders, updating them on the progression of each new development.

HB Realty aims to produce developments that will satisfy both investors and home owners alike.

By focusing on fulfilling the property investment goals of both the end-user and the shareholder, HB Realty emphasises their trustworthiness, credibility and willingness to make a difference in the property development sector.

HB Realty can assist with project funding requirements, which includes feasibility planning and deal structuring.

HB Realty’s team have proven experience in brokering deals to develop residential and commercial properties with third parties with investors interested in development projects.

Their brokering division is able to connect shareholders with landlords, sellers, tenants and purchasers.